NAHC Media Gallery

NAHC Media at the Native American Health Center (NAHC)
was created in January 2011 as an in-house marketing and media program to enhance the organization’s branding, campaigns, and outreach, to increase organizational and community visibility, and advocacy support.

NAHC Media, although housed in CWD, interacts with and serves NAHC across program, department, and site. This unique position gives Media a comprehensive view of NAHC, enabling content and imaging created to reflect NAHC’s integrated care while streamlining aesthetics and messaging. 

NAHC Media’s national and regional media campaigns have increased the visibility of NAHC and helped to define it as a cornerstone of the Bay Area AI/AN community. Techniques used by NAHC Media in Digital Storytelling and Narrative Design workshops have been praised across Indian Country and used as models for other community clinics to engage their patient populations in prevention, outreach, and services. 

Over the last 2 ½ years NAHC Media has created over 70 program, promotional, and training films, facilitated 19 workshops, designed 300+ agency, department, and program materials, and implemented a growing intern program with 28 participants to date. 

For questions or requests regarding NAHC Media's Graphic Design work or if you are interested in a photoshoot, please send a message to