Covered California: 10 Questions and Answers for American Indians

How does Covered California affect American Indians? Here are 10 questions and answers to help you and your family navigate the new health insurance marketplace.

Covered California is the new health insurance marketplace (or "Exchange") that makes it simple to purchase affordable, high quality health coverage and offers access to financial assistance (if eligible) to help pay. 

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Question 1
What is Covered California?

Question 2
What are the protections for American Indians in Covered California

Question 3
I already receive services from my Indian health program, why do I need to enroll in Covered California?

Question 4
What specific benefits can I expect to receive when I enroll in Covered California?

Question 5
If I enroll in Covered California, can I continue going to my Indian health program?

Question 6
How much will it cost for me to enroll in Covered California?

Question 7
What if I already have health insurance?

Question 8
Can I determine if I am Medi-Cal eligible through Covered California?

Question 9
What documentation will I be asked to provide?

Question 10
What should I do next?