Community Wellness

The Community Wellness Department of the Native American Health Center

uses a community mental health model. The Community Wellness Department (formerly known as the Family & Child Guidance Clinic) opened its doors in 1985. A holistic approach is utilized to accomplish a meaningful community intervention.

The client is treated as a "whole" person with physical (medical/dental), emotional, spiritual, and social needs. Treatment is geared toward restoring balance and integrative health for the individual and the family.

The Community Wellness Department has locations in Oakland, San Francisco, and Richmond, each of which offer counseling services and Native cultural programs to assist with overall wellness.

Opening its doors in the mid 1980s, the Community Wellness Department was created to provide outpatient mental health and substance abuse services that included individual, group and family counseling. 

We have recently received great feedback from our clients. 86 clients between our Oakland and San Francisco sites participated in a survey specific to the care they received within our department. NAHC Media created an infographic to showcase the great responses we received:

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CWD Infographic


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